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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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1Androscoggin River BridgeSee Leadbetter, Joseph and others 1822 GY 10-6
2Androscoggin River BridgePetition of Josiah Holland for aid in the erection of1823
3Androscoggin River BridgeSee Jewett, George and others 1826 GY 42-8
4Androscoggin River BridgeSee Jackson, Elias and others 1827 GY 50-18
5Androscoggin River BridgeSee Merrymeeting Bridge 1828 PS 50-24
6Androscoggin River BridgeSee Strout, Jonathan and others 1828 GY 51-55
7Androscoggin River BridgeSee Oxford Bridge 1828 GY 52-20
8Androscoggin River BridgeSee Chase, Sarson, Jr., and others 1835 GY 93-12
9Androscoggin River BridgeReport on the Petition of William Gerrish and others for a Charter to build a bridge across the Androscoggin River and remonstrance of Robert Jack and others1846
10Androscoggin River BridgeAn Act incorporating the South West Bend Bridge Company and remonstrance of the Selectmen of Durham1847
11Androscoggin River BridgeAn Act additional to an Act entitled an Act for incorporating certain persons for building a bridge over Androscoggin River between Lisbon and Durham and for supporting the same, approved February 27, 18131850
12HebronSee Little Androscoggin River Bridge 1829 GY 57-7
13Little Androscoggin River BridgeReport on the Order that the Town of Hebron might be authorized to take toll for passing over1829
14Transportation: BridgesSee Little Androscoggin River Bridge 1829 GY 57-7

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