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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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1AshlandResolve for the repair of the Machias Aroostook Road1845
2AshlandReport on the Petition of Nathan Crosman and others of the Inhabitants of Township 11, Range 5 WELS for aid to repair road to Fairbanks Mills1845
3AshlandResolve in favor of Ira Fish1846
4AshlandResolve providing for the repair of the Aroostook Road1848
5AshlandReport on the Petition of David G. Cook and others that Township 11, Range 5 WELS may be incorporated into a Town called Aroostook1849
6AshlandResolve in relation to the sale of certain State lands1849
7AshlandResolve providing for the repair of the Aroostook Road1849
8AshlandResolve for an appropriation to be expended on the State Road from the Aroostook River at Township Number 11 to Fort Kent1851
9AshlandResolve making an appropriation for the repair of road from Township Letter F in the 2nd Range to Township 11 in the 5th Range in the County or Aroostook1852
10AshlandResolve in favor of Fish River Road1852
11AshlandResolve in aid of the road from Presque Isle to Number 11, Range 51853
12AshlandAn Act to incorporate the Town of Ashland1854
13AshlandResolve in aid of roads in the County of Aroostook1854
14AshlandAn Act authorizing Plantations Letter G., H., Number 11, Range 5 and Crystal to raise money to repair the roads in said Plantations1855
15AshlandAn Act to amend an Act incorporating the Town of Ashland1862
16AshlandResolve authorizing the conveyance of the State's interest in certain lots of land sold to William Cummings1863
17Ashland Petition SignersReport on the petition of D.N. Rogers and others for an appropriation for repairing bridges on the Fish River Road1863
18Hawes, Benjamin and othersAn Act to incorporate the Town of Ashland1854

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