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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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1Bangor BankPetition of Hosea Rich for a1822
2Bangor BankPetition to amend the charter regarding the amount of capital stock in the1823
3Bangor BankResolve appointing a Committee to enquire into the doings of the1823
4Bangor BankSee Adams, Eliashib 1824 GY 28-24
5Bangor BankSee McGaw, Jacob and others 1826 GY 43-1
6Bangor BankAn Act authorizing the reduction of the Capital Stock of the1827
7Bangor BankAn Act authorizing a further reduction of the capital stock of the1829
8Bangor BankSee Kenduskeag Bank 1832 PS 85-55
9Bangor BankSee Kenduskeag Bank 1833 PS 91-1
10Bangor BankSee Brown, A. G. and others 1834 GY 87-36
11Bangor BankSee Bank of Bangor 1834 PS 102-57
12Bangor BankSee Commercial Bank of Bangor 1835 GY 89-13
13Bangor BankSee Hill, Thomas and others 1835 GY 91-4
14Bangor BankSee Norcross, N. G. and others 1835 GY 89-29
15Bangor BankSee Commercial Bank of Bangor 1835 GY 91-5
16Bangor BankSee Eastern Bank 1835 PS 118-121
17Bangor BankResolve relative to the Commercial Bank of Bangor1841
18Bangor BankAn Act accepting the surrender of the Charter of the Lafayette Bank1841
19Bangor BankAn Act authorizing the President, Directors and Company of the Mercantile Bank of Bangor to reduce the Capital Stock of said Bank1841
20Bangor BankAn Act to enlarge the time for closing the concerns of the Globe Bank of Bangor1842
21Bangor BankAn Act additional to an Act accepting the surrender of the Charter of the People`s Bank of Bangor1842
22Bangor BankAn Act relating to the Lafayette Bank1843
23Bangor BankResolve relative to an exchange of the stock owned by the State in the Mercantile Bank1844
24Bangor BankAn Act to incorporate the Merchants Bank, Bangor1846
25Bangor BankAn Act in addition to an Act entitled an Act to incorporate the Eastern Bank1846

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