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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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1BaringSee Saint Croix River 1823 GY 16-11
2BaringAn Act to incorporate the Town of1825
3BaringSee State Road 1826 RS 17-36
4BaringSee Calais 1827 RS 20-25
5BaringSee Roads 1827 GY 50-10
6BaringSee Militia 1827 GY 50-30
7BaringSee Roads 1827 GY 48-35
8BaringSee State Road 1828 RS 22-5
9BaringSee Bucknam, Ichabod and others 1830 GY 60-15
10BaringSee State Road 1830 RS 29-27
11BaringSee Vance, William 1830 GY 60-4
12BaringSee State Road 1830 GY 64-21
13BaringReport on the Petition of the Selectmen of the Town of Baring that the portion of Medybemps (sic) set off from Baring be made liable for their proportion of the said Town's debt existing when they were set off1842
14BaringReport on the Petition of J. E. McKusick and others that they may be incorporated into a Log Boom Company at Baring1843
15BaringResolve in favor of Caleb Nodding1845
16BaringReport on the Petition of George Wells and others for a law exempting certain real estate from attachment1848
17BaringAn Act additional to an Act entitled an Act to incorporate the Calais and Baring Railroad Company1852
18BaringAn Act to incorporate the Lewy's Island Railroad Company1854
19BaringAn Act to unite Calais and Baring Railroad with Lewy's Island Railroad1855
20BaringAn Act to authorize the Lewy's Island Railroad Company to alter its location1855
21BaringSee also Plantation Number 6
22Baring and Bog Brook Railway CompanyAn Act to incorporate the Baring and Bog Brook Railway Company1847
23Baring and Houlton RoadSee Vance, William and others 1831 GY 67-43
24Baring and Houlton RoadResolve making further provisions for completing the1831
25Baring and Houlton RoadResolve for completing the1832

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