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51Biddeford Municipal CourtAn Act to establish a Municipal Court in the City of Biddeford1855
52Biddeford Municipal CourtAn Act to limit the jurisdiction of the Municipal Court of the City of Biddeford1862
53Biddeford Municipal CourtAn Act relating to the Municipal Court of the City of Biddeford1863
54Biddeford Municipal CourtA bill to amend Chapter 151 of the Public Laws of 1855 relating to the Municipal Court in the City of Biddeford1864
55Biddeford Mutual Improvement SocietyAn Act to incorporate certain persons by the name of "The Biddeford Mutual Improvement Society"1861
56Biddeford Petition SignersReport on an Act relating to Hawkers, Pedlars and Petty Chapmen1843
57Biddeford Petition SignersReport on a Resolve for a Constitutional Amendment relative to the time of holding the annual sessions of the Legislature and annual elections1843
58Biddeford Petition SignersReport on the Petition of Henry Brown and others for alteration of the License Laws1844
59Biddeford Petition SignersSundry Petitions and Remonstrances relative to an Act to restrict the sale of intoxicating drinks, approved August 7, 1846 (alphabetical by town)1847
60Biddeford Petition SignersReport on the Petition of Horace Porter and others for an Act of incorporation for a railroad from South Berwick to Portland and remonstrance of the Portland, Saco and Portsmouth Railroad Company1848
61Biddeford Petition SignersReport on the Petition of Horace Bodwell and others to remove the York County Courts from Alfred to Saco and remonstrance of James Neal and others1849
62Biddeford Petition SignersReport on the Petition of Daniel Knight and others relative to management of the Insane Hospital1852
63Biddeford Petition SignersAn Act in addition to an Act entitled an Act to prevent disturbances of religious meetings approved August 3, 18481852
64Biddeford Petition SignersReports relative to building a new York County Court House at Alfred and remonstrance of Whiting Stevens and others1853
65Biddeford Petition SignersSundry Petitions and Remonstrances relative to the removal of the York County Court from Alfred1854
66Biddeford Petition SignersAn Act to incorporate the Piscataqua Mutual Fire and Marine Insurance Company1855
67Biddeford Petition SignersReport on a bill to increase the pay for soldiers of the state1861
68Biddeford Petition SignersAn Act additional to an Act to incorporate the City of Biddeford1862
69Biddeford Petition SignersReport on the petition of T.C. Hersey and others for a bounty to be granted to the soldiers of the last regiments raised1862
70Biddeford Petition SignersPetitions relating to the passed liquor law regarding the sale of pure liquors1862
71Biddeford Savings BankAn Act to incorporate the Biddeford Savings Bank1865
72Biddeford School DistrictResolve in favor of the Fourth School District in Biddeford1846
73Biddeford SelectmenReport on the Petition of the Selectmen of Biddeford for authority to raise money on the credit of said Town1854
74Biddeford ValuationResolve fixing the valuation of certain towns in this State1846
75Buxton Petition SignersSundry remonstrances against the removal of the Courts from Alfred to Biddeford1852

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