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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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1Black, John and othersReport on the petition that they may be set off from the Town of Surry and annexed to Ellsworth1827
2Black, John and othersReport on the petition for a part of the Town of Surry to be set off and annexed to Ellsworth and the remonstrance of Surry Selectmen1828
3Black, John and othersAn Act to incorporate the Trustees of Ellsworth Academy1852
4Black, John and othersAn Act in addition to an Act entitled an Act additional to an Act to prevent obstructions in the navigation of Union River, approved March 23, 1843 and remonstrance of Roswell Silsby and others1853
5Black, John and othersAn Act for the amendment of the records of the Sullivan and Hancock Bridge Corporation1855

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