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26BrewerReport of the Committee on Elections on the Representatives from Brewer and Bradley and the Report of the Minority Committee on Elections in the case of the remonstrance of John Hilferty to the right of Jonathan Burr to a seat in the House of Representati1842
27BrewerResolve in favor of Benjamin Farrington1844
28BrewerReport on the Petition of the Selectmen of Brewer that they may be empowered to sell or lease certain town landings1846
29BrewerCommunication from the Penobscot County Commissioners relative to a Charter for a Steam or Horse Power Ferry from Bangor to Brewer1846
30BrewerReport on the Petition of Jonathan B. Hayes and others of a Committee for a division of the Town of Brewer and remonstrance of Thomas J. Winchester and others1846
31BrewerReport on the Petition of Daniel Sargent 2nd and others to be set off from the Town of Orrington and annexed to the Town of Brewer and remonstrance of James Brooks and others1850
32BrewerResolve in favor of the Town of Brewer1850
33BrewerResolve to authorize the sale of real estate in the Town of Brewer belonging to the Penobscot Indians1850
34BrewerAn Act to incorporate the Town of Holden and remonstrance of George O. Goodwin and others1852
35BrewerAn Act in addition to an Act entitled an Act to incorporate the Bangor and Brewer Ferry Company1855
36BrewerReport on an Act to incorporate a steam ferry company to run between Bangor and Brewer1861
37BrewerReport on a petition of A.T. Parmer of Brewer to receive compensation from the fund appropriated for the Penobscot Indians for his land being occupied1863
38BrewerReport on a petition of Oliver Farrington and others of Brewer for compensation for damages by Indians crossing their land1863
39Brewer AcademyAn Act to incorporate the Trustees of Brewer Academy1845
40Brewer AcademyReport on the Petition of the Trustees of Brewer Academy for aid1853
41Brewer ArtilleryResolve in favor of the Brewer Artillery1852
42Brewer Branch Railroad CompanyAn Act to incorporate the Brewer Branch Railroad Company1864
43Brewer FerryAn Act to repeal the Charter of the Bangor and Brewer Ferry Company1843
44Brewer Ferry CompanySee Bangor and Brewer Ferry Company 1831 PS 74-77
45Brewer Gun HouseReport on the Petition of Members of the D Company of Artillery of the Town of Brewer for a grant of money for the completion of a Gun House1844
46Brewer Gun HouseReport on the Petition of Samuel A. Burr and others that an appropriation be made for repairing the Gun House in Brewer1852
47Brewer Meeting House CorporationAn Act to incorporate the1825
48Brewer Petition SignersReport on the Petition of William Boyd and others to be incorporated by the name of the Seboomook Sluiceway Company and the remonstrance of Daniel Davis and others1842
49Brewer Petition SignersRemonstrances against repeal of the license law1843
50Brewer Petition SignersPetitions to supress the sale of Intoxicationg Liquors (with female petition signers also)1845

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