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1CemeteriesSee Waldoboro 1826 PS 39-9
2CemeteriesSee Burying Grounds 1834 PL 109-160
3CemeteriesSee Forest Grove Cemetery 1835 PS 112-25
4CemeteriesAn Act to incorporate the Proprietors of the Forest Grove Cemetery at Thomaston in the County of Lincoln1841
5CemeteriesAn Act to incorporate the Mount Moriah Cemetery1842
6CemeteriesAn Act to incorporate the Bartlett Cemetery1843
7CemeteriesResolve in favor of the Passamaquody Indians1846
8CemeteriesReport on the Order in relation to the mutilation of fences around burying grounds1846
9CemeteriesAn Act to amend the 160th Chapter of the Revised Statutes1846
10CemeteriesReport on an Order in relation to taking lands for burying grounds on the same conditions lands are taken for town ways1848
11CemeteriesReport on the Petition of Uriah Foss and others, Inhabitants of Leeds, that they may be incorporated with power to purchase a burying ground1853
12CemeteriesReport on the Petition of Ebenezer Knowlton and others for license to sell the old burying ground in South Montville1854
13CemeteriesAn Act additional to the 23rd Chapter of the Revised Statutes1855
14CemeteriesResolve authorizing a grant of land to the inhabitants of Island Falls for a burial ground1861
15CemeteriesReport on the petition of Timothy Grant and others to legalize the doings of the North Prospect Burying Ground Corporation1862
16CemeteriesAn Act to amend an Act to incorporate the Greenwood Cemetery Company, approved April 17, 1857 and giving further powers to said company1863
17CemeteriesAn Act to make valid the doings of North Prospect Burying Ground1863
18CemeteriesA bill relating to burial grounds no longer in use1864
19CemeteriesResolve in relation to the National Cemetery at Gettysburg1864
20CemeteriesResolve in favor of the Soldiers' National Cemetery at Gettysburg1865
21CemeteriesAn Act giving additional powers to the City of Portland in relation to cemeteries1865
22CemeteriesSee also Burying Grounds
23CemeteriesSee also Sepulchres of the Dead
24CemeteriesSee also Burying Grounds
25Cemeteries, FamilySee Burying Grounds, Family 1835 PL 112-24

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