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26Clerks of CourtReport on a Bill to establish the Fees of, and giving further remedies on Clerk's Bonds1833
27Clerks of CourtSee Thayer, Stephen and others 1833 GY 78-7
28Clerks of CourtSee Sheriffs and Clerks of Courts 1833 GY 78-31
29Clerks of CourtReport on an Act to establish the compensation of, and giving further remedies on Clerk's Bonds1834
30Clerks of CourtReport on an Act additional providing for the appointment of, in the several counties requiring them to render an account of all monies received1834
31Clerks of CourtReport on an Act to establish the salaries of, and giving further remedies on Clerk's Bonds1835
32Clerks of CourtReport on the Order to repealing all laws relating to fees receivable by, for which whey are accountable to the State1835
33Clerks of CourtSee Officers Duties 1835 GY 91-31
34Clerks of CourtResolves in relation to the bill now before the Legislature providing for the choice of certain County Officers1841
35Clerks of Court FeesReport on the Order in relation to the fees of Clerks of Court1842
36Clerks of CourtsReport on the order for an Act additional, for the appointment of, and requiring an account of monies received1826
37Clerks of CourtsReport on the Bill for an additional Act respecting1829
38Clerks of CourtsResolve regulating certain Judicial Proceedings1844
39Clerks of CourtsReport on an Order in relation to duty of Clerks of Courts in capital cases1848
40Clerks of CourtsResolve respecting the State Paper1848
41Clerks of CourtsAn Act defining the terms of office of Clerks of the Courts and County Attorneys1855
42Clerks of Courts, ReturnsAn Act additional to Chapter 100 of the Revised Statutes1852
43Clerks PayrollResolve on the Payroll of the Clerks of the Committee on the State Valuation1841
44Clerks SalariesResolve granting a further compensation to the Clerks of the Senate and House of Representatives, and their respective assistants for services1821
45Clerks, CommitteeResolve for paying the Clerks of the Committee on State Valuation1844
46Clerks, EngrossingOrder on the compensation allowed for Hall and Wait, employed as engrossing clerks, for night work1865
47Clerks, Judicial CourtReport on the Order in relation to the appointment of1831
48Clerks, Judicial CourtReport on an Act additional to Chapter 11, Section 10 of the Revised Statutes authorizing Clerks of Judicial Courts to act as Registers of Deeds in certain cases1843
49Clerks, Judicial CourtAn Act additional regulating the fees of Judicial Court Clerks1845
50Clerks, Judicial CourtAn Act additional relating to Judicial Court Clerks1846

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