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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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1Coburn, AbnerResolve relating to the future establishment of an industrial college1863
2Coburn, AbnerCommunication of Governor Coburn regarding the portrait of Sir William Pepperell and the letter of Hon. S. Brannan1863
3Coburn, AbnerOrder to inform Hon. Abner Coburn of his election as Governor1863
4Coburn, Abner and othersReport on the Petition of John G. Neil and others that they may be incorporated into a Company to construct locks and canals around Ticonic Falls1843
5Coburn, Abner and othersResolutions passed at a meeting of the Citizens of Newry and Paris and vicinity in relation to the Petition of Abner Coburn and others praying for a Skowhegan to Augusta Railroad1847
6Coburn, Abner and othersAn Act authorizing the Kennebec Log Driving Company to construct a dam at the foot of Indian Pond1847
7Coburn, Abner and othersAn Act to incorporate the Skowhegan Water Power Company1864

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