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51Debtors, PoorAn Act additional to an Act for the relief of1824
52Debtors, PoorAn additional Act for the relief of1828
53Debtors, PoorReport on the order relative to alteration of the existing laws in regard to1828
54Debtors, PoorAn Act additional for the relief of poor debtors1848
55Debtors, PoorReport on a bill to amend Chapter 113 of the Revised Statutes in relation to relief of poor debtors1863
56Dennison, Andrew and othersReport on the petition for an amendment of the law respecting poor debtors and to abolish the office of high sheriff1829
57Disclosure of Poor DebtorsAn Act additional to an Act relating to the disclosure of poor debtors, approved March 19, 18601862
58Executions, Real EstateAn Act providing a method for doing justice when, thru error executions are levied upon real estate not belonging to debtors1823
59Governor's Message, Debtors and CreditorsSee Debtors and Creditors 1829 GY 57-41
60Hodsdon, Isaac and othersSee Poor Debtors 1835 PL 120-154
61PalmyraReport on the Petition of Paul Brown and others for an alteration of the Poor Debtors Law1842
62PaupersSee also Poor Debtors
63Poor DebtorsSee Debtors 1826 GY 39-8
64Poor DebtorsReport on the order to amend the laws for the benefit of, as to provide a more effectual relief for the creditor1827
65Poor DebtorsReport on the order to report forms for carrying into effect an Act additional to an Act for the relief of1827
66Poor DebtorsSee Dennison, Andrew and others 1829 GY 57-5
67Poor DebtorsAn Act for the abolition of imprisonment of honest debtors for debt1831
68Poor DebtorsReport on the Order of modifying the Act passed March 31, 1831 relating to1832
69Poor DebtorsSee Attachment Exemption 1832 GY 75-39
70Poor DebtorsSee Wright, Ruel 1834 GY 86-40
71Poor DebtorsAn Act for the relief of1835
72Poor DebtorsReport on an Order relative to amending the poor debtors law in relation to the citation of poor debtors to their creditors1843
73Poor DebtorsReport on the Order relative to protection of Poor Debtors from Creditors1843
74Poor DebtorsAn Act additional for the relief of poor debtors1848
75Poor DebtorsReport on the Order relative to abolishing imprisonment for debt1850

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