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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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1Deer Isle Petition SignersSee Judicial Courts 1835 GY 89-11
2Deer Isle Petition SignersAn Act repealing an Act in relation to the Herring Fishery passed February 12, 18241844
3Deer Isle Petition SignersReport on the Petition of George L. Hosmer and others that the law passed February 12, 1824 prohibiting the setting of nets for the taking of herring in Washington County may be repealed and remonstrance of Jabez Mowry and others1845
4Deer Isle Petition SignersReport on the Petition of the Inhabitants of Deer Isle for further Legislation in reference to the assessment of taxes1853
5Deer Isle Petition SignersPetitions relating to the passed liquor law regarding the sale of pure liquors1862
6Deer Isle Petition SignersReport on a bill relating to Trail Justices and Justices of the Peace and Quorum1863
7Deer Isle Petition SignersA bill that an Act to create a General Inspector of Fish be repealed1864
8Deer Isle Petition SignersAn Act to make valid the doings of Cities, Towns and Plantations relating to bounties for soldiers, drafted men and substitutes1865
9Deer Isle Petition SignersAn Act to protect menhaden or poggies in the waters of the coast of Maine1865

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