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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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26DurhamReport on the Petition of John Jones that certain land may be set off from Durham and annexed to Brunswick1841
27DurhamResolve to correct a clerical error in the valuation of the Town of Durham and for correcting the State and County Tax on said Town1842
28DurhamResolve in favor of Charles Doughty1843
29DurhamReport on the Petition of Ammi Vining and others that a law may be passed for the destruction of crows1843
30DurhamAn Act additional to an Act entitled an Act for incorporating certain persons for building a bridge over Androscoggin River between Lisbon and Durham and for supporting the same, approved February 27, 18131850
31DurhamReport on the Order relative to an Act authorizing the Town of Durham to convey certain lands1850
32DurhamAn Act to abate certain taxes on the Towns of Minot, Poland, Auburn, Danville and Durham1854
33DurhamAn Act regulating the suffrage of naturalized citizens1855
34Durham Petition SignersSee Gardner, Syms and others 1828 GY 53-31
35Durham Petition SignersSee New Counties 1835 GY 93-16
36Durham Petition SignersResolves for dividing the State into districts for the choice of Senators and for apportioning the Representatives among the several Counties, Cities, Towns, Plantations and Classes at the third apportionment and the remonstrance of Lorenzo S. Bumpus and1841
37Durham Petition SignersAn Act to amend the 75th Chapter of the Revised Statutes and the remonstrance of William H. Morse and others1842
38Durham Petition SignersPetitions for the suppression of drinking houses and tippling shops1850
39Durham Petition SignersAn Act to establish the County of Sagadahoc1854
40Durham Petition SignersAn Act regulating the time of closing the polls in elections in certain towns and plantations1861
41Durham Petition SignersPetitions relating to the passed liquor law regarding the sale of pure liquors1862
42Durham Petition SignersReport on a bill relating to Trail Justices and Justices of the Peace and Quorum1863
43Durham Petition SignersAn Act to make valid the doings of Cities, Towns and Plantations relating to bounties for soldiers, drafted men and substitutes1865
44Durham Rifle CompanyReport on the Petition of Jacob Herrick and others that they may be granted a stand of arms for a Rifle Company in Durham1841
45Durham SelectmenAn Act incorporating the South West Bend Bridge Company and remonstrance of the Selectmen of Durham1847
46Durham SelectmenReport on the Resolve for seperate representation1861
47Durham ValuationReport on an Order relative to the valuation of Casco, Raymond, Otisfield, Sumner, Oxford, Norway, Durham and Pownal1843
48Durham, TolfordSee Belfast Meeting House 1822 GY 10-29
49Herrick, Jacob and othersReport on the Petition of Jacob Herrick and others that they may be granted a stand of arms for a Rifle Company in Durham1841
50Jackson, Elias and othersReport on the petition for a Lottery to aid them in erecting a stone bridge across the Androscoggin River at South West Bend between Durham and Lisbon1827

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