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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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26EllsworthPetition of the Selectmen to repeal the law regulating the Union River Fisheries1824
27EllsworthSee Tourtellotte, Nathaniel 1826 GY 38-6
28EllsworthResolve authorizing the Land Agent to aid the Town of, in making a road through the State's land in that Town1826
29EllsworthSee Adams, Moses 1827 GY 50-2
30EllsworthSee Jordan, Benjamin and others 1827 GY 47-18
31EllsworthSee Black, John and others 1827 GY 50-38
32EllsworthSee Black, John and others 1828 GY 52-47
33EllsworthAn Act to annex a part of the Town of Surry to the Town of1829
34EllsworthSee Surry 1832 GY 73-20
35EllsworthSee Jarvis, Charles 1832 RS 36-51
36EllsworthAn Act to provide for the use of broad rimmed wheels in the Town of1834
37EllsworthSee Judicial Courts 1835 GY 89-11
38EllsworthReport on the Petition of Robert Nason that he may be exonerated from further obligation to the State for land purchased by him1842
39EllsworthReport on the Petition of Stephen Gross that he may be relieved from his liability to the State on a note given by him for land in Ellsworth1842
40EllsworthReport on the Petition of Nicholas Thomas for an allowance of land made to certain widows of Revolutionary Soldiers1842
41EllsworthReport on the Petition of Samuel Bonzey and others for an Act to incorporate the Branch Pond Sluice Company and remonstrance of Joshua R. Jordan and others1845
42EllsworthReport on the Petition of Charles Maddox and others for an Act to remove obstructions in Branch Pond Stream1845
43EllsworthResolve to quiet certain settlers and to obtain a title to certain lands sold and claimed by the State1846
44EllsworthAn Act to incorporate the Union River Railroad Company1846
45EllsworthResolve explanatory of and additional to a Resolve entitled ""Resolve to quiet certain settlers and obtain title to certain lands sold and claimed by the State"
46EllsworthAn Act to establish a dividing line between the Town of Orland and the Towns of Ellsworth and Dedham and remonstrance of John L. Parker and others1847
47EllsworthAn Act to incorporate the Hancock Insurance Company1849
48EllsworthResolve in favor of the Town of Eastbrook1850
49EllsworthAn Act to increase the salary of the County Attorney for Hancock County1850
50EllsworthAn Act to set off William Jellison from Dedham to Ellsworth and remonstrance of W. P. Spofford and others1852

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