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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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1ExeterReport on the Petition of William A. Luce that an allowance be made him for the loss of a horse1841
2ExeterResolve in favor of Benjamin Johnson and others1841
3ExeterReport on the Petition of Isaac Waterhouse and others for a new county1845
4ExeterReport on the Petition of Henry Hill and others for the biennial election of the Governor and Members of the Legislature1846
5ExeterReport on the Petition of David Barker and others that jurisdiction of constables in civil causes be extended to adjoining towns1849
6ExeterResolve in favor of Samuel M. Woodman and John K. Damon1851
7Exeter AcademyPetition of Ezekiel Hayes and others for aid in form of land or money for the erection of1826
8Exeter AcademySee Hill, John B. and others 1832 GY 76-17
9Exeter Petition SignersReport on the Petition of William Boyd and others to be incorporated by the name of the Seboomook Sluiceway Company and the remonstrance of Daniel Davis and others1842
10Exeter Petition SignersReport on an Act for the protection of the colored citizens of Maine1843
11Exeter Petition SignersAn Act establishing Town Courts and remonstrance of Josiah Myrick and others1844
12Exeter Petition SignersReport on the Petition of Lewis Davis and others relative to the Legislative Sessions being held in the summer commencing in June1844
13Exeter Petition SignersReport on the Petition of Daniel Knight and others relative to management of the Insane Hospital1852
14Exeter Petition SignersAn Act regulating the suffrage of naturalized citizens1855
15Exeter Petition SignersAn Act to incorporate the West Penobscot Agricultural Society1855
16Hill, John B. and othersReport on the Petition for the incorporation of an Academy at Exeter, and the remonstrance of Francis Hill and others1832

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