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51Transportation: FerriesSee Reed Ferry Company 1831 PS 73-61
52Transportation: FerriesSee Hancock Ferry Company 1831 PS 75-89
53Transportation: FerriesSee Bucksport and Prospect Ferry Company 1831 PS 77-107
54Transportation: FerriesSee Bangor and Brewer Ferry Company 1831 PS 74-77
55Transportation: FerriesSee Sheepscot Ferry Company 1832 PS 89-118
56Transportation: FerriesSee Hathorne, Gould and others 1832 GY 71-11
57Transportation: FerriesSee Woolwich Ferry Company 1832 GY 71-34
58Transportation: FerriesSee Ferries 1833 PL 96-84
59Transportation: FerriesSee Briggs, Joshua and others 1833 GY 77-23
60Transportation: FerriesSee Bowman, Samuel G. and others 1834 GY 87-38
61Transportation: FerriesSee Sagadahoc Ferry Company 1834 PS 108-136
62Transportation: FerriesSee Grant, Peter and others 1834 GY 84-9
63Transportation: FerriesSee Bucksport and Prospect Ferry Company 1835 PS 111-20
64Transportation: FerriesSee Hallowell Ferry Company 1835 PS 111-7
65Transportation: FerriesSee Old Town and Milford Ferry Company 1835 PS 115-84
66Transportation: FerriesSee Ferries 1835 GY 89-42
67Transportation: FerriesReport on the Petition of the Directors for an extension of time for their Charter of the Sagadahoc Ferry Company1838
68Transportation: FerriesAn Act additional to an Act to incorporate the Kennebec Ferry Company1841
69Transportation: FerriesAn Act to incorporate the Augusta Free Ferry1841
70Transportation: FerriesReport on the Petition of John Thwing and others that they and their associates may be incorporated with the powers to establish a ferry from Bath to Woolwich1842
71Transportation: FerriesAn Act in relation to Ferries1842
72Transportation: FerriesReport on the Order relative to Militia use of Ferries1842
73Transportation: FerriesReport on the Petition of Hannibal Longfellow for additional provisions and restrictions of the Hallowell Horse Ferry1843
74Transportation: FerriesReport on an Order relative to the repeal of an Act relating to ferries passed March 14, 1842.1843
75Transportation: FerriesAn Act to repeal the Charter of the Bangor and Brewer Ferry Company1843

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