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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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1Freeport Petition SignersSee Gardner, Syms and others 1828 GY 53-31
2Freeport Petition SignersSee Innholders, Retailers and Common Victuallers 1834 PL 110-179
3Freeport Petition SignersSee New Counties 1835 GY 93-16
4Freeport Petition SignersAn Act concerning Hawkers and Pedlars1843
5Freeport Petition SignersReport on the Petition of Henry Brown and others for alteration of the License Laws1844
6Freeport Petition SignersAn Act to establish the Atlantic and Saint Lawrence Railroad Company1845
7Freeport Petition SignersAn Act regulating the hours of labor1848
8Freeport Petition SignersReport on the Petition of David Bronson and others for an amendment to the Charter of the Somerset and Kennebec Railroad Company and remonstrance of George W. Pickering and others1852
9Freeport Petition SignersA bill to erect a bridge between Westbrook and Falmouth at Martin's Point over tide waters1864

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