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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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1Fuller, Henry W.Report on the petition for an inquiry into the legality of taxes on a township of land purchased from the Massachusetts Medical Society and if not legal, for a refund of taxes paid1828
2Fuller, Henry W.Report on the petition that he may be paid for nine months salary for additional services as Judge of Probate for Kennebec County1829
3Fuller, Henry W.Report on the Petition that the Administrators of the Estate of John Pitts (late) may be authorized and empowered to execute a deed1835
4Fuller, Henry W. and othersReport on the petition that they may be incorporated by the name of the Kennebec Mill Dam Association and the remonstrances of Randolph A. L. Codman and others1827
5Fuller, Henry W. and othersReport on the Petition that they may be authorized to build a Dam across the Kennebec River1833

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