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51FerriesReport on the Petition of George Williamson and others for an Act of incorporation to run a ferry between Gardiner and Pittston and remonstrance of W. Benjamin and others1852
52Fuller, Daniel and othersAn Act to incorporate the Town of West Gardiner and remonstrance of Ezekiel Waterhouse and others1850
53Funds, Episcopal Diocese of MaineReport on the Petition of Robert H. Gardiner and others that an Act may be passed to incorporate the Trustees of the Episcopal Funds in the Diocese of Maine1848
54GardinerRemonstrance of Inhabitants against State Valuation report1821
55GardinerSee Jackson, Thomas and others 1826 GY 40-1&2
56GardinerSee Enginemen 1826 PL 40-30
57GardinerSee Kennebec Ferry Company 1829 PS 57-47
58GardinerSee Hutchinson, Andrew and others 1833 GY 78-29
59GardinerSee Kennebec River Obstructions 1833 GY 77-24
60GardinerAn Act to annex part of the Town of Hallowell to the Town of, and the remonstrance of Isaac Smith and others1834
61GardinerReport on the Petition of John D. Gardiner that his account for the use of a wagon in the Aroostook Expedition may be allowed1841
62GardinerAn Act authorizing the sale of the parsonage lot of Christ Church in Gardiner1841
63GardinerResolve in favor of John Jaquith1841
64GardinerAn Act to incorporate the Washington Manufacturing Company (No Petition)1841
65GardinerReport of the Petition of John Moore and others for procuring an amendment of the Constitution of the United States wherein it provides for the delivering up and return of fugitive slaves1842
66GardinerReport on the Petition of Joseph Northey and others for an Act of incorporation to establish a Ferry between Gardiner and Pittston and remonstrance of William Cooper and others1843
67GardinerAn Act to incorporate the Kennebec Mutual Insurance Company1844
68GardinerAn Act authorizing the Kennebec County Commissioners to lay out a road over tide waters in the Town of Gardiner1846
69GardinerReport on the Petition of Sifamai Bowman for power to give a deed1847
70GardinerReport on an Act incorporating the Officers and Members of the Grand Division of the Sons of Temperance for the State of Maine1847
71GardinerReport on the Petition of Samuel Moody and others for different Acts of incorporation1848
72GardinerAn Act qualifying the Act incorporating the Kennebec Mutual Insurance Company1848
73GardinerAn Act to incorporate the City of Gardiner and remonstrance of Joseph C. Atkins and others1849
74GardinerAn Act authorizing the City of Gardiner to regulate the Harbor in said City1850
75GardinerAn Act additional to the Act granting a city charter to the Inhabitants of Gardiner (No Petition)1850

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