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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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1Gray Petition SignersResolves for dividing the State into districts for the choice of Senators and for apportioning the Representatives among the several Counties, Cities, Towns, Plantations and Classes at the third apportionment and the remonstrance of Lorenzo S. Bumpus and1841
2Gray Petition SignersAn Act to organize and discipline the Militia1844
3Gray Petition SignersReport on the Petition of Henry Brown and others for alteration of the License Laws1844
4Gray Petition SignersPetitions to supress the sale of Intoxicationg Liquors (with female petition signers also)1845
5Gray Petition SignersAn Act to establish the Atlantic and Saint Lawrence Railroad Company1845
6Gray Petition SignersSundry Petitions and Remonstrances relative to an Act to restrict the sale of intoxicating drinks, approved August 7, 1846 (alphabetical by town)1847
7Gray Petition SignersAn Act for the suppression of drinking houses and tippling shops1851
8Gray Petition SignersReport on the Petition of William E. Bates and others for reversal of the Militia Law of 18481853
9Gray Petition SignersResolve making a conditional grant to the President and Trustees of Bates College1864
10North Gray Petition SignersReport on a bill relating to Trail Justices and Justices of the Peace and Quorum1863

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