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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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1Hodsdon, John L.An Act to increase the salary of the Police Judge in the City of Bangor1854
2Hodsdon, John L.Letters of acceptance of various state officials1861
3Hodsdon, John L.Report on the Letters of Acceptance1862
4Hodsdon, John L.Resolve in favor of Elizabeth Brown and assistants for washing floors and bedding at the Military Hospital1862
5Hodsdon, John L.Order to notify the Governor and Council of the election of Joseph B. Hall as Secretary of State and John L. Hodsdon as Adjutant General1863
6Hodsdon, John L.Communication of the Adjutant General regarding the non-commissioning of officers of the ununiformed militia1863
7Hodsdon, John L.Order to notify Joseph B. Hall, Secretary of State; Josiah H. Drummond, Attorney General; and John L. Hodsdon, Adjutant General, of their election1863
8Hodsdon, John L.Communication of letters of acceptance and refusal of various officers1863
9Hodsdon, John L.Report on the communication of the Letters of Acceptance for various offices1864
10Hodsdon, John L.Communication of letters of acceptance of election of certain officers1865
11Hodsdon, John L.Order on the notification of election of certain offices1865

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