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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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1Resolve in favor of the towns of Hollis and Corinna1838
2Resolve in favor of, of Hollis1839
3Report on the Petition that a Committee be appointed to run and settle the line between Lyman and Hollis1839
4Report on the Petition of the Inhabitants of Buxton and Hollis that a toll may be granted on the several, between said towns1840
5AlfredSee Gray, Standish, Hollis and Alfred Stage Company 1832 PS 83-39
6BiddefordPetition of Bradbury, Emerson and others to incorporate upper part of Biddeford and lower part of Hollis into a new town1823
7Boundary LinesAn Act to establish the easterly line of Waterborough between said town and the towns of Limington and Hollis in the County of York1865
8Boundary Lines, TownResolve appointing a Committee to establish the dividing line between Hollis and Lyman1831
9BridgesReport on a Resolve respecting, in the Towns of Buxton and Hollis1832
10Buxton and HollisReport on the Petition of the Inhabitants of, relative to a Resolve in favor of1831
11Chadbourne, Benjamin and othersSee Gray, Standish, Hollis and Alfred Stage Company 1832 PS 83-39
12Gookin, John W. and anotherReport on the Petition that they may be set off from Hollis and annexed to Lyman1834
13Gordon, Jeremiah and othersReport on the petition to be set off from the Town of Hollis and annexed to Biddeford and the remonstrance of the Selectmen of Biddeford1827
14Gordon, Jeremiah, Jr.Report on the petition of, that he may be set off from the Town of Hollis and annexed to Biddeford1826
15Gray, Standish, Hollis and Alfred Stage CompanyAn Act to incorporate the1832
16HollisSee Biddeford 1823 GY 18-7
17HollisSee Saco River Boom 1824 PS 29-53
18HollisReport on the petition regarding establishment of dividing line between Waterboro, Lyman and1825
19HollisSee Gordon, Jeremiah, Jr. 1826 GY 41-17
20HollisSee Gordon, Jeremiah and others 1827 GY 50-49
21HollisSee Waterboro 1829 RS 25-5
22HollisSee Waterboro 1830 GY 60-23
23HollisSee McDaniel, Jacob and others 1831 GY 69-10
24HollisOrder to send down from the Senate to the House the files and petition of the Inhabitants of the Town of, to establish the boundary lines between Hollis and Lyman1831
25HollisSee Boundary Lines, Town 1831 RS 33-60

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