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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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1Governor's Message, Legislative CommitteesSee Legislative Committees 1829 GY 59-2
2Legislative CommitteesOrder regarding reports of1822
3Legislative CommitteesOrder of the Senate, Committees to consist of three members1824
4Legislative CommitteesSee Governor's Message 1826 GY 45-6
5Legislative CommitteesSee Governor's Message 1827 GY 49-10
6Legislative CommitteesSee Joint Standing Committees 1827 GY 49-31
7Legislative CommitteesOrder regarding the manner of appointing1827
8Legislative CommitteesSee Witnesses 1828 GY 54-18
9Legislative CommitteesSee Joint Standing Committees 1828 GY 51-16
10Legislative CommitteesOrder for, assignments as relates to Governor's Message1829
11Legislative CommitteesAssignment of Joint Standing Committees, 18291829
12Legislative CommitteesOrder regarding Joint Standing Committees1830
13Legislative CommitteesOrder directing the Joint Standing Committees to report1830
14Legislative CommitteesOrder of the House in relation to the appointment of1830
15Legislative CommitteesOrder for, assignments as relates to Governor's Message1830
16Legislative CommitteesOrder relative to Governor's Message as to assignments of1831
17Legislative CommitteesAssigned on votes for the Governor and Senators1832
18Legislative CommitteesOrders regarding reports of1832
19Legislative CommitteesAssignment of, 18331833
20Legislative CommitteesSee Senate 1833 GY 81-10
21Legislative CommitteesOrder relative to reporting of the Joint Standing Committees1834
22Legislative CommitteesOrder relative to furnishing Committee Rooms with suitable seats1834
23Legislative CommitteesSee Joint Standing Committees 1834 GY 84-29
24Legislative CommitteesOrder pertaining to Committee assignments as relates to the Governor's message1834
25Legislative CommitteesSee Literature and Literary Institutions, Committee on 1834 GY 83-10

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