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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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1Legislative MessagesBetween House and Senate1820
2Legislative MessagesBetween House and Senate1821
3Legislative MessagesResolve to engage for next Legislature1821
4Legislative MessagesFrom Speaker of the House1822
5Legislative MessagesOrder regarding House and Senate1822
6Legislative MessagesOrder regarding the carrying of1823
7Legislative MessagesJoint Order regarding the transmission of1824
8Legislative MessagesOrder regarding the transmission of1825
9Legislative MessagesOrder respecting the transmission of papers and1827
10Legislative MessagesOrder regarding transmission of, and papers between House and Senate1829
11Legislative MessagesOrder of the two Houses regulating the manner of transmitting, and papers between them1830
12Legislative MessagesOrder directing the Secretary of the Senate to transmit to the House all1831
13Legislative MessagesOrder relative to delivering, and transmitting papers1832
14Legislative MessagesOrder for a message to the House proposing a convention of the two Houses for the purpose of choosing Councilors and Secretary of State1832
15Legislative MessagesOrder relative to, between both Houses1833
16Legislative MessagesCommunication from the Senate President1849
17Legislative MessagesCommunications from the Secretary of State1849
18Legislative Messages, ConfidentialReport on the Order to have closed doors when acting upon, from the Governor1832

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