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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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26LibrariesAn Act to incorporate the Harper Library Association1845
27LibrariesResolve in relation to the State Library1845
28LibrariesResolve in relation to the State Library1846
29LibrariesReport on the Order relative to providing by law for the appointment of a permanent State Librarian1847
30LibrariesAn Act further regulating the State Library1847
31LibrariesResolve for the improvement of the State Library1848
32LibrariesResolve relative to M. Vattemare's System of International Exchange1849
33LibrariesResolve in relation to the State Library1849
34LibrariesReport on a Resolve in favor of Sydney B. Cushman1849
35LibrariesReport on an Act to authorize cities and towns to establish and maintain public libraries1852
36LibrariesResolve in favor of the Astor Library1854
37LibrariesAn Act relating to the State Library1854
38LibrariesAn Act to incorporate the Waterville Library (No Petition)1855
39LibrariesResolve relating to the State Library1855
40LibrariesResolve authorizing the purchase of certain National Medals1855
41LibrariesAn Act to incorporate the Gray Mutual Benefit and Library Association1855
42LibrariesResolve in favor of the New York Law Institute1855
43LibrariesAn Act to incorporate the Proprietors of the Hallowell Social Library1861
44LibrariesAn Act to incorporate the Manufacturers And Mechanics Library Association of Lewiston1861
45LibrariesAn Act relating to the State Library1861
46LibrariesReport on an Order on the disposition of State Maps in the State Library1862
47LibrariesAn Act explanatory of "An Act relating to the State Library"1862
48LibrariesResolve in favor of County Law Libraries1863
49LibrariesOrder that Chaplains of the Legislature be allowed to use the State Library1863
50LibrariesResolve providing for the purchase of certain Law Reports for the State Library, also for paying the Contingent Expenses of said Library1863

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