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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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1An Act authorizing the erection of, in the County of Lincoln1836
2Report on the Petition for remuneration of cost paid County Commissioners, Lincoln County1836
3Report on the Order relative to amending an Act to annex the Town of, to Kennebec County as to provide for the prosecution of any suit touching Real Estate in any Court in Lincoln County to judgement and execution1836
4Report on the Petition that he may retain certain fees now in his hands as Register of Deeds, Lincoln County1836
5Report on the Petition of the Selectmen to be set off from Lincoln and annexed to Kennebec County1837
6An Act authorizing the County Commissioners of the County of Lincoln to lay out a road over the Great Oyster Creek in Nobleboro1838
7Preamble and Resolution on the death of, Senator, Lincoln District1838
8Report on the Petition for an Act of incorporation by the name of the First Congregational Orthodox Society in Lincoln1838
9Report on the Petition relative to repair of Duck Trap Toll Bridge in Lincolnville1838
10Report of the Committee appointed to receive votes for Senator in Lincoln District1838
11Order directing the Secretary of the Senate to notify, Senator elect of Lincoln District1838
12Report on the Petition to be incorporated to construct a Railroad in Lincolnville, Waldo County1838
13Report on the Petition that the law prohibiting the use of narrow rimmed cart wheels on the Military Road be repealed, and remonstrance of the Inhabitants of Houlton and Lincoln1839
14Report on the Petition that an appropriation may be made for the purpose of erecting a Gun House in the Town of Lincoln1839
15Report on the Petition to forming a New County from parts of Cumberland and Lincoln Counties1840
16Report on the Petition that a Probate Office may be established in the eastern section of Lincoln County at Thomaston1840
17Report on the Petition of James Bailey and others of Woolwich that they may be set off from the County of Sagadahoc and annexed to the County of Lincoln and remonstrance of the Selectmen1855
18Report on the Petition of William Morse and others that powers may be granted to the County Commissioners of Lincoln County to lay out and establish a bridge over Winnegance Creek1855
1901st Maine Heavy ArtilleryReport on a bill for Legislative relief of Anna D. Alexander of Lincoln for money allotment of a deceased soldier lost in the mail1865
20Academies, Schools and CollegesReport on the Petition of Timothy Fuller and others that a grant of land may be made to Lincoln High School1847
21Academies, Schools and CollegesResolve in favor of Lincoln High School1848
22Academies, Schools and CollegesAn Act to change the name of the Lincoln High School1850
23Academies, Schools and CollegesReport on the Resolve in favor of Lincoln Academy1862
24Agricultural SocietiesAn Act to extend the Lincoln Agricultural and Horticultural Society1852
25Agricultural SocietiesAn Act to incorporate the West Lincoln Agricultural and Horticultural Society1852

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