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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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1Manufacturers: CottonSee Coburn, Jacob 1824 GY 25-50
2Manufacturers: CottonSee Cumberland Cotton Manufacturing Company 1824 PS 29-56
3Manufacturers: CottonSee Taxation 1826 GY 43-24
4Manufacturers: CottonSee Brunswick Falls Cotton Factory 1829 PS 56-33
5Manufacturers: CottonSee Manufacturing Companies 1831 PL 71-33
6Manufacturers: CottonSee Portsmouth Company 1831 PS 74-73
7Manufacturers: CottonSee Pleasant Point Manufacturing Company 1831 PS 73-63
8Manufacturers: CottonSee Lubec Manufacturing Company 1832 PS 86-68
9Manufacturers: CottonSee Congin Manufacturing Company 1832 PS 87-80
10Manufacturers: CottonSee Sabattus Manufacturing Company 1832 PS 89-104
11Manufacturers: CottonSee Winthrop Manufacturing Company 1832 PS 87-77
12Manufacturers: CottonSee Readfield Cotton and Woolen Manufacturing Company 1833 PS 97-106
13Manufacturers: CottonSee Manufacturing Companies 1834 PL 104-84
14Manufacturers: CottonSee Brunswick Company 1834 PS 101-40
15Manufacturers: CottonSee Mousum Manufacturing Company 1834 PS 104-89
16Manufacturers: CottonSee Lewiston Falls Manufacturing Company 1834 PS 105-99
17Manufacturers: CottonReport on a Resolve in favor of the North American Manufacturing Company1836
18Manufacturers: CottonAn Act in addition to an Act to incorporate the Penobscot Mill and Manufacturing Company1837
19Manufacturers: CottonReport on the Order relative to the Pembroke Milling Company1838
20Manufacturers: CottonAn Act additional to an Act entitled an Act to incorporate the Pembroke Milling Company1838
21Manufacturers: CottonReport on the Petition of the Treasurer that they may be allowed to increase their Capital Stock of the Saint Croix Manufacturing Company1840
22Manufacturers: CottonAn Act to incorporate the Laconia Company1841
23Manufacturers: CottonAn Act to incorporate the Washington Manufacturing Company (No Petition)1841
24Manufacturers: CottonAn Act to incorporate the Kents Hill Manufacturing Company (No Petition)1841
25Manufacturers: CottonAn Act to incorporate the Gun Rock Manufacturing Company1841

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