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76Mattawamkeag Dam CompanyAn Act to alter and amend the Act incorporating the Mattawamkeag Dam Company approved August 9, 18491851
77Mattawamkeag Dam CompanyAn Act to amend an Act incorporating the Mattawamkeag Dam Company, approved June 3, 1851 and additional thereto1863
78Mattawamkeag Forks BridgeResolve in aid of building a bridge at Mattawamkeag Forks1863
79Mattawamkeag Forks BridgeReport on a bill for additional aid in building a bridge at Mattawamkeag Forks1863
80Mattawamkeag Log Driving CompanyAn Act to incorporate the Mattawamkeag Log Driving Company1853
81Mattawamkeag Petition SignersReport on the Petition of Joshua Carpenter and others for a division of the County of Penobscot and remonstrance of Stephen Danforth and others1847
82Mattawamkeag Petition SignersReport on a bill to extend the line of the Bangor, Oldtown and Milford Railroad through Lincoln to Mattawamkeag1861
83Mattawamkeag Petition SignersReport on a bill to incorporate a new county from Penobscot and Aroostook Counties, with Lincoln as shiretown1861
84Mattawamkeag Petition SignersAn Act authorizing the further extension of the European and North American Railway1864
85Mattawamkeag Point BridgeResolve in relation to the Mattawamkeag Point Bridge1853
86Mattawamkeag RiverSee State Road 1826 RS 17-40
87Mattawamkeag RiverSee State Road 1826 GY 42-6
88Mattawamkeag RiverSee State Road 1829 GY 58-14
89Mattawamkeag RiverSee White, Aaron 1829 GY 56-11
90Mattawamkeag RiverAn Act additional to an Act entitled an Act respecting lumber in the Mattawamkeag River, approved July 29, 18461849
91Mattawamkeag RiverReport on the Petition of Albert Emerson and others for reconnaissance and survey of a route for a railroad from the mouth of the Mattawamkeag River to the mouth of the Fish River, at the expense of the State1853
92Mattawamkeag RiverAn Act to incorporate the Penobscot Real Estate Fund and Water Power Company1861
93Mattawamkeag RiverReport on a bill for Isaac R. Clark to have the right to improve water power upon the Mattawamkeag River1861
94Mattawamkeag River BridgeResolve making an appropriation for building a bridge at the forks of the Mattawamkeag River on the Military Road1849
95Mattawamkeag River BridgeResolve making an appropriation for repairing a bridge across the mouth of the Mattawamkeag River1850
96Mattawamkeag River BridgeReport on the Petition of William Butterfield and others for an appropriation to build a bridge across the Mattawamkeag River1853
97Mattawamkeag River LumberAn Act respecting1832
98Mattawamkeag RoadResolve providing for opening part of Indian Township to the1835
99Mattawamkeag StreamSee Brown, Albert and others 1835 GY 92-30
100MedwayReport on the Petition of Elias Lion and others for aid in making a road from Mattawamkeag to Nicatow1852

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