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26Ministerial FundsAn Act regarding1824
27Ministerial FundsSee Berwick North Parish 1824 PS 29-67
28Ministerial FundsSee Chesterville 1825 PS 36-70
29Ministerial FundsSee Orland Ministerial and School Funds 1828 PS 49-10
30Ministerial FundsSee Little, Samuel and others 1828 GY 53-32
31Ministerial FundsSee Bridgton Ministerial Funds 1830 PS 65-43
32Ministerial FundsSee Bucksport 1831 GY 67-26
33Ministerial FundsReport on the Order to amend an additional Act to provide for the sale and distribution of School and1831
34Ministerial FundsSee Leach, Pelatiah and others 1831 GY 65-7
35Ministerial FundsSee Farmington Ministerial Fund 1832 PS 82-24
36Ministerial FundsAn Act appropriating the income of certain, to the support of Schools1832
37Ministerial FundsSee Berwick Ministerial Fund 1832 GY 75-30
38Ministerial FundsAn Act authorizing the First Parish in Winthrop and the Town of Winthrop to appropriate the income of certain, to the support of schools1833
39Ministerial FundsReport on the Order to inquire if the State of Massachusetts has agreed to appropriate the income of, for the support of schools1833
40Ministerial FundsSee Guilford School Fund 1833 GY 78-13
41Ministerial FundsSee Bethel 1833 GY 78-15
42Ministerial FundsSee Porter Ministerial Fund 1834 GY 87-3
43Ministerial FundsSee Rumford Ministerial Funds 1834 PS 110-175
44Ministerial FundsSee Avon 1835 GY 92-21
45Ministerial FundsReport on the Petition of the Weld Congregational Society for the purchase of a parsonage with their share of the ministerial fund and the remonstrance of Stephen F. Harvey and others1841
46Ministerial FundsReport on the Petition of Levi Johnson and others that the ministerial fund in Canaan may be changed into a school fund and the remonstrance of Moses Ricker and others1841
47Ministerial FundsAn Act making the Selectmen, Town Clerk and Treasurer of the Town of Phillips ex-officio trustees of the Ministerial and School funds of that Town1841
48Ministerial FundsReport on the Petition of the Selectmen of Andover, that an Act incorporating Silvanus Poor and others as Trustees of the Ministerial and School Fund may be repealed1843
49Ministerial FundsAn Act to authorize the Trustees of the Ministerial Fund of the First Parish of Acton to convey the same and the remonstrance of Morris Dalton and others1843
50Ministerial FundsResolve in relation to certain funds1844

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