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1Report on the Petition for repeal of an Act approved March 9, 1832 relating to the income of ministerial lands so far as respects the Town of Franklin1840
2Atkinson and RipleyReport on the Petition of the Inhabitants of, that the income of funds from the sale of the Ministerial Lands may be appropriated to the use of their primary schools1832
3BaldwinReport on the petition of Ephraim Brown and others to sell ministerial lands in1823
4Clark, Gilman and othersReport on the Petition to be empowered to convey Ministerial lands in Foxcroft1833
5Mann, WilliamPetition of, as agent for the Second Parish, Shapleigh, that they may sell ministerial lands1824
6McMillan, Andrew and othersReport on the petition for an alteration of the Act relating to ministerial lands1829
7Means, JohnPetition of, regarding ministerial lands in Sedgwick be referred to the Joint Standing Committee on incorporation of Parishes and other religious societies1822
8Ministerial LandsSee Norway 1821 PS 3-20
9Ministerial LandsSee Sullivan 1822 PS 17-21
10Ministerial LandsSee Bucksport 1822 GY 13-5
11Ministerial LandsSee Means, John 1822 GY 9-40
12Ministerial LandsPetition of Moses Sweat against selling the ministerial lands in Sanford1822
13Ministerial LandsSee Lubec 1822 PS 20-77
14Ministerial LandsSee Baldwin 1823 GY 16-12
15Ministerial LandsSee Dixfield 1823 PS 22-26
16Ministerial LandsSee Sedgwick 1824 GY 26-16
17Ministerial LandsSee New Charleston 1824 GY 25-36
18Ministerial LandsSee Trenton 1824 GY 27-11
19Ministerial LandsSee Mann, William 1824 GY 27-23
20Ministerial LandsSee Shapleigh 1824 GY 25-7
21Ministerial LandsSee Public Lands 1824 GY 26-22
22Ministerial LandsResolve requiring Selectmen to return a list of, and school lands in their respective towns1824
23Ministerial LandsSee Shapleigh 1824 PS 27-25
24Ministerial LandsSee Sleeper, Jedediah and others 1824 GY 28-29
25Ministerial LandsSee Milliken, Simeon 1825 GY 35-2

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