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26MonroeResolve confirming the doings of the Town of1821
27MonroeSee Frankfort 1821 GY 7-31
28MonroeResolve for reducing the number of polls in the valuation of1822
29MonroeSee Brooks 1823 PS 22-21
30MonroeSee Frankfort 1824 GY 28-3
31MonroeAn Act altering the bounds of the Town of1824
32MonroePetition of Inhabitants to annex a piece of land to1824
33MonroeSee Lowe, Elijah 1825 GY 36-2
34MonroeSee Bartlett, Jeremiah, Jr., Captain, and another 1830 GY 61-5
35MonroeReport on the Petition of John D. Crowell and others that a part of Monroe be annexed to Swanville1842
36MonroeAn Act to set off certain persons and lands from the Town of Brooks in the County of Waldo and annex the same to the Town of Monroe1844
37MonroeReport on the Petition of Barker Baker for repayment of a fine1844
38MonroeReport on the Petition of Isaac Waterhouse and others for a new county1845
39MonroeReport on the Petition of Elisha Ellis and others that they may be set off from Monroe and annexed to Swanville1848
40MonroeReport on the Petition of Robert Sargent asking remuneration for time and money expended in the Aroostook War1852
41MonroeAn Act to set off certain lands from the town of Frankfort and annex the same to the town of Monroe1863
42MonroeAn Act additional to "An Act to set off certain lands from the Town of Frankfort and annex the same to the Town of Monroe"1864
43MonroeA bill that a certain county road may be the dividing line between Monroe and Brooks1864
44Monroe AcademyAn Act to incorporate the Proprietors of Monroe Academy1845
45Monroe AcademyReport on a Resolve in favor of Monroe Academy1845
46Monroe Petition SignersSee Waldo County 1827 PL 45-31
47Monroe Petition SignersAn Act in addition to an Act establishing Town Courts approved March 22, 18441848
48Monroe, Hollis and othersResolve in favor of Albert Hanson of Belfast1842
49Monroe, Joseph S.Report on a Resolve in favor of Joseph S. Monroe1845
50Monroe, PresidentResolve approving the public service of1825

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