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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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1Neptune, JohnResolve in favor of1822
2Neptune, JohnSee Penobscot Indians 1835 RS 47-19
3Neptune, JohnResolve in favor of Peol Poros, Joseph Sockbasin and John Neptune1844
4Neptune, JohnResolve infavor of Joseph Attean and John Neptune, Penobscot Governor and Lieut. Governor1863
5Neptune, John and othersSee Penobscot Indians 1835 PL 119-134
6Neptune, John and othersAn Act additional to prevent the destruction of moose and deer1852
7Neptune, John and othersReport on the petition of John Neptune and others to appropriate money for a new bell for the church in Old Town1862
8Neptune, John and othersResolve in favor of the Penobscot Indians1862

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