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151Penobscot IndiansReport on the Order authorizing the Governor by Resolve of 1824 to negotiate with the, for transfer of the Islands in the Penobscot River to the State1829
152Penobscot IndiansResolve to enable the, to sell Pine Island in Penobscot River1831
153Penobscot RiverSee Ingersoll, Nathaniel 1821 GY 7-30
154Penobscot RiverSee Johnston, Elijah 1821 GY 6-20
155Penobscot RiverSee Wardwell, William and others 1821 GY 4-28
156Penobscot RiverSee Jellison, John and others 1822 GY 11-6
157Penobscot RiverSee Mattanawcook 1824 GY 28-10
158Penobscot RiverSee Williamson, William D. and others 1824 GY 25-10
159Penobscot RiverSee Ingersoll, Nathaniel 1824 GY 27-18
160Penobscot RiverSee Bartlett, Richard H. and others 1828 GY 53-37
161Penobscot RiverReport on the Order regarding an Act declaring the, and certain branches thereof Public Rivers or Highways and the remonstrance of P. P. Furber and others1829
162Penobscot RiverSee Land Agent 1831 GY 68-32
163Penobscot RiverSee Thatcher, Samuel, Jr., and others 1832 GY 76-11
164Penobscot RiverSee Peirce, Waldo T. and others 1833 GY 78-22
165Penobscot RiverSee Smyth, Robert M. N. and others 1834 GY 86-28
166Penobscot RiverSee Treat, Nathaniel and others 1834 GY 87-9
167Penobscot RiverReport on the Petition of Lewis Hancock and others that they may be incorporated into a Company with power to connect the waters of Lake Telos with the Penobscot River1841
168Penobscot RiverReport on the Petition of Charles W. Fellowes and others for an Act to provide for the erection of a dam across Ayer's Falls in the Penobscot River1843
169Penobscot RiverAn Act to promote the improvement of the navigation of the Penobscot River1846
170Penobscot RiverAn Act to incorporate the North Twin Lake Dam Company1847
171Penobscot RiverReport on the Petition of Benjamin Dyer and others for an Act authorizing them to build dams on the outlet of Pushaw Pond also to cut a canal from said Pond to the Kenduskeag or Penobscot River in the City of Bangor and remonstrance of John Bennock and ot1848
172Penobscot RiverReport on the Order relative to Orson Island Bridge1848
173Penobscot RiverReport on the Petition of Timothy B. Grant and others that a small boat ferry may be granted from the Prospect side of the Penobscot River to Bucksport1848
174Penobscot RiverReport on the Petition of P. P. Furber and others relative to an Act to promote improvement of the navigation of the Penobscot and Piscataquis Rivers1848
175Penobscot RiverReport on the Petition of Benjamin Dyer and another for authority to construct canals and dams on the waters of the Penobscot and Aroostook Rivers1849

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