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126Poor, James and othersSee Belfast Bridge 1835 PS 112-39
127Poor, JohnAn Act to repeal An Act entitled "An Act to promote safety of travel on railroads"1865
128Poor, John A.An Act extending the time in which to file the location of the line of the York and Cumberland Railroad Company1852
129Poor, John A.Resolve in favor of John A. Poor1854
130Poor, John A.Order that 350 copies of the Report "Defences of Maine" by John A. Poor be printed1863
131Poor, John A.Resolve for procuring copies of original documents in the British State Paper Office not heretofore published in regard to the early history of Maine1863
132Poor, John A.An Act authorizing the further extension of the European and North American Railway1864
133Poor, John A. and othersReport on the Petition of John A. Poor and others relative to a railway through the State of Maine to the lower British Provinces1850
134Poor, John A. and othersAn Act to provide for certain railroad connections for the European and North American Railway Company and remonstrance of Eliphalet Greely and others1853
135Poor, Nathaniel DeeringName changed to Nathaniel Fullerton Deering1822
136Poor, Overseers ofReport on the Petition of Amos Treat and others of Frankfort that the time allowed for Overseers of the Poor to give notice, may be limited to fifteen days1844
137Poor, Silvanus and othersReport on the Petition of the Selectmen of Andover, that an Act incorporating Silvanus Poor and others as Trustees of the Ministerial and School Fund may be repealed1843
138Poor, Support ofAn Act for an Act specifying the evidence to accompany accounts exhibited for1821
139Poor, Support ofAn Act to authorize towns in the County of Kennebec to associate together to build an almshouse for their1829
140Poor, Sylvanus and othersAn Act to authorize the changing of the channel of Sawyer's Brook1853
141Poor, William O.Report on the Petition of William O. Poor and others for an alteration in the law relating to Hawkers and Pedlars1849
142Poor, William O. and othersReport on the petition of the Proprietors to extend the Charter of the "East Bridge" in Belfast for 50 years & remonstrance of Hiram Pierce & others1862
143Poor, William, Jr.Resolve repealing Resolves in favor of William Poor, Jr., Robert Waugh and David Strout for pensions1863
144Poor, William, JuniorResolve in favor of William Poor, Junior1847
145Poor, William, JuniorResolve in favor of William Poor, Junior1849
146Poor, William, JuniorResolve in favor of William Poor, Junior (No Petition)1854
147Poor, William, JuniorResolve repealing the Resolve in favor of William Poor Junior, approved April 17, 18541855
148Prisoners, PoorAn Act to amend Chapter 101 Revised Statutes entitled "writ for replevying a person" & Chatper 135 Revised Statutes entitled "sentence "1865
149Public AssistanceAn Act ascertaining what shall constitute a legal settlement and providing for relief and employment of the poor1821
150Public AssistanceSee Debtors, Poor 1822 PL 20-94

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