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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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1An Act to increase the Capital Stock of the, in Portland1836
2Report on the Petition to incorporate the Sebago Bank of Portland1836
3Report on the Petition that they may be set off from New Vineyard and annexed to New Portland1836
4Report on the Petition re the Portland Police Court1837
5Report of, on a reconnaissance for a Railroad from Portland to Bangor and Communication from1837
6Resolve authorizing the Cumberland County Commissioners to locate a road over tide waters between Westbrook and Portland1837
7An Act to regulate, within the City of Portland1837
8Report on the Petition that they may be set off from Westbrook and annexed to Portland1837
9Report on the Petition that an extension of time be allowed for taking tolls on the Back Cove Bridge, Portland and remonstrance of Stephen Frothingham and others1837
10Report on the Petition that they may be incorporated to construct a Railroad from Portland to the New Hampshire line1837
11Report on the Petition that they may be set off from Westbrook and annexed to Portland, and remonstrance of Inhabitants of Westbrook1838
12Report on the Petition for an Act of incorporation for the Portland White Marble and Lime Company1839
13Resolve authorizing the sale of Ordnance Stores in the Arsenal at Portland1839
14Communication from President of the Board of Internal Improvements transmitting copies of a report of the survey of a Railroad route from Portland to Lake Champlain1840
15Report on the Resolve relative to, for the City of Portland, various Towns, Joseph Spaulding and Elisha W. Withee1840
16Report on the Petition of Inhabitants of Cape Elizabeth and the City of Portland for an Act of incorporation to Charles Collins and others to employ a steam ferry boat between said Town and City1840
17Report on the Petition of Anson P. Morrill and others of the Androscoggin and Kennebec Railroad Company to extend their road from Danville Junction to Portland1855
18Report on the Petition of Davis Johnson that he may be authorized to call a meeting of the stockholders of the New York City and Portland Exchange Granite Company1855
19Report on the Petition of Captain Isaac Barnum and others for an appropriation to furnish equipment to the Portland Cavalry Guards1855
20Abyssinian Religious SocietyAn Act to incorporate the, of Portland1828
21Acts and ResolvesResolve in favor of the Portland Athenaeum1849
22Agricultural ProductsAn Act to incorporate the Portland Grain Warehouse Company1863
23Anderson, John and othersAn Act to incorporate the Portland Widows' Wood Society1850
24Anderson, John and othersAn Act to authorize the City of Portland to grant further aid in the construction of the Atlantic and Saint Lawrence Railroad1852
25AnsonSee New Portland 1830 PS 62-9

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