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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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1GuardiansAn Act giving additional powers to Probate Judges in certain cases1844
2Probate Judge SalariesAn Act to equalize the salaries of Probate Judges1843
3Probate JudgesSee Johnson, Oliver 1825 GY 36-9
4Probate JudgesAn Act establishing salaries for, and Registers1826
5Probate JudgesReport on the order of enlarging the powers of1826
6Probate JudgesReport on the order of giving to, authority to license the sale of real estate by executors or others1827
7Probate JudgesSee Salaries 1828 PL 52-82
8Probate JudgesAn Act authorizing, in certain cases, to appoint guardians to married women1828
9Probate JudgesAn Act providing for the appointment of administrators and enlarging the powers of the1828
10Probate JudgesReport on the Order providing by law for the probate of wills when, are intrusted (sic)1829
11Probate JudgesReport on the Petition for an increase of salary1832
12Probate JudgesSee Public Administrators 1835 PL 113-42
13Probate JudgesAn Act authorizing, in certain cases to grant license to husbands to make sale of Real Estate held in right of their wives1835
14Probate JudgesReport on the Order relative to enlarging the powers of1835
15Probate JudgesSee Townsend, Drummond 1835 GY 92-42
16Probate JudgesAn Act additional in relation to Special Administrators1843
17Probate JudgesReport on a Resolve providing for a constitutional amendment in relation to the offices of sheriffs and judges and register of probate1843
18Probate JudgesAn Act giving additional powers to Probate Judges in certain cases1844
19Probate JudgesReport on the Order relative to amending the laws regulating Probate Courts allowing Judges of Probate to grant license to guardians of minors to sell the right in equity of redeeming mortgaged real estate1850
20Probate JudgesAn Act in relation to powers of Judges of Probate in addition to Chapter 64 of Revised Statutes1862
21Probate JudgesAn Act to amend Chapter 63 of the Revised Statutes relating to the powers and duties of judges of Probate1864
22Probate JudgesOrder in relation to salaries and fees of Register of Deeds and Judges and Registers of Probate1865
23Probate Judges and RegistersReport on the Order relative to salaries for1833
24Probate Judges SalariesSee Lermond, John and others 1827 GY 50-34
25Probate Judges SalariesSee Preston, Warren 1827 GY 46-20

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