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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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1Probate RegistersSee Probate Judges 1826 PL 43-94
2Probate RegistersSee Salaries 1827 GY 49-43
3Probate RegistersSee Salaries 1828 PL 52-82
4Probate RegistersReport on an Order that Sheriffs and Registers of Probate may be elected by the people1850
5Probate RegistersReport on an Act further regulating the duties of Registers of Probate1852
6Probate RegistersReport on an Order relative to amending Chapter 105 of the Revised Statutes regarding Registers of Probate1852
7Probate RegistersReport on an Act in relation to the salaries and fees of Registers of Probate1853
8Probate RegistersReport on an Act relating to the duties of Registers of Probate1854
9Probate RegistersReport on a bill to provide a repository for wills1863
10Probate RegistersOrder in relation to salaries and fees of Register of Deeds and Judges and Registers of Probate1865
11Probate Registers SalariesAn Act regulating the payment of the, in certain cases1830
12Probate Registers SalariesSee Salaries 1831 GY 65-25
13Waldo County Probate RegistersSee Probate Register, Waldo County 1834 PL 108-135

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