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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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1Civil WarResolve for repairing and refitting the public buildings and grounds1862
2Eames, ThomasReport on the Order relative to the Committee on a Watchman for the Public Buildings1842
3Ellis, AmasaReport on the Order relative to employing some suitable person to watch the Public Buildings at night1841
4Fire Wood, Public BuildingsResolve in favor of John Doyle1853
5Gas LightingResolve in relation to lighting of the Public Buildings (SS)1853
6Gas Lighting, Public BuildingsReport on a Resolve authorizing the Superintendent of Public Buildings to light the same with gas SS1853
7Mattanawcook RoadCommunication from the Governor in relation to the, and the doings of the Governor and Council in relation to the Public Buildings1830
8Portland Public BuildingsSee Public Buildings 1831 RS 34-94
9Public Building RepairReport on the Order relative to repairing the Public Buildings1847
10Public BuildingsSee Rice, Warren 1825 GY 33-16
11Public BuildingsResolve for providing for the use of the State,1828
12Public BuildingsResolve for providing, for the use of the State1828
13Public BuildingsAn additional Resolve providing for use of the State,1829
14Public BuildingsResolve further providing for erecting and completing the1830
15Public BuildingsAn account of the sales of land for, sold in 18291830
16Public BuildingsSee Mattanawcook Road 1830 GY 64-30
17Public BuildingsOrder requesting from the files of the Senate the report of the Commissioner of the1831
18Public BuildingsResolve making an appropriation for completing the1831
19Public BuildingsResolve respecting the use of the, in Portland1831
20Public BuildingsOrder referring so much of the Governor's Message as relates to, to a Joint Select Committee1831
21Public BuildingsOrder that there be appointed a Committee to be denominated the Joint Standing Committee on the1832
22Public BuildingsReport on the Order relative to prohibiting by law the occupation or use of the, for any other than State purposes1832
23Public BuildingsResolves in favor of the Commissioner of1832
24Public BuildingsSee Pribble, James 1832 RS 38-95
25Public BuildingsSee Emery, Joseph D. 1832 RS 38-108

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