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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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1BrewerPetition of George Leonard for public land sale in1826
2Public Land SaleResolve confirming the sale of land by Milford P. Norton to William Emerson, Samuel Thatcher, Jr., Dominicus Parker, John Williams and Ivory Jefferds1831
3Public Land SaleAn Act to aid the Aroostook Railroad and promote the sale of the public lands1861
4Public Land SaleReport on a Resolve that the Land Agent is authorized to sell and convey state-owned land in the Town of Barnard1863
5Public Land SaleReport on the petition of Avard A. Dingee to be allowed to buy Lot 72 in Township 12, Range 4, Aroostook County1863
6Public Land SaleReport on a Resolve relating to the sale of public land1863

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