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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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1Redington, Asa, Jr.Resolve in favor of1832
2Redington, Asa, Jr.See Draftsman 1832 RS 38-110
3Redington, Asa, Jr.See Draftsman 1832 GY 74-38
4Redington, Asa, Jr.Communication of the Draftsman that he may be allowed an Assistant1833
5Redington, Asa, Jr.Resolve in favor of1833
6Redington, Asa, Jr.See Draftsmen 1834 GY 84-17
7Redington, Asa, Jr.Report on a Resolve for the benefit of1834
8Redington, Asa, Jr.Order to notify him of his election as State Treasurer1835
9Redington, Asa, Jr.See State Treasurer 1835 GY 90-28
10Redington, Asa, Jr.Order to notify the Governor of election of State Treasurer1835
11Redington, Asa, Jr.Letter of Acceptance as State Treasurer, Bond and Report on Bond1835
12Redington, Asa, Jr.See State Treasurer 1835 GY 90-35
13Redington, Asa, Jr.See Draftsman 1832 gy 72-5
14Redington, Asa, Jr.See also State Treasurer
15Redington, Asa, Jr., and othersReport on the petition for aid to build a bridge across the Kennebec River above The Forks1829

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