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201Secretary of StateTo report the duties of the Clerks of the1821
202Secretary of StateResolve authorizing the, to purchase stationery1821
203Secretary of StateSee Ware, Asher 1822 GY 9-49
204Secretary of StateOrder to notify the Selectmen and Assessors to include the number of deaf and dumb persons in their returns to the1824
205Secretary of StateSee State Printing 1824 GY 25-46
206Secretary of StateResolve in favor of the1824
207Secretary of StateLetter of acceptance of Amos Nichols1825
208Secretary of StateSee Nichols, Amos 1826 GY 44-15
209Secretary of StateReport of the Committee to count votes for1826
210Secretary of StateSee Letters of Acceptance 1826 GY 43-9
211Secretary of StateResolve remitting certain fees to the1826
212Secretary of StateResolve respecting clerk hire in the office of the, and for other purposes1826
213Secretary of StateSee Nichols, Amos 1827 GY 49-16
214Secretary of StateSee Letters of Acceptance 1828 GY 51-7
215Secretary of StateSee Nichols, Amos 1828 GY 51-21
216Secretary of StateReturn of votes for1828
217Secretary of StateReturn of votes for and order to notify Edward Russell of his election1829
218Secretary of StateSee Executive Councilors 1829 GY 55-1
219Secretary of StateSee Vital Records 1829 GY 57-45
220Secretary of StateSee Russell, Edward 1830 GY 63-18
221Secretary of StateSee Judicial Courts 1830 GY 60-5
222Secretary of StateSee Letters of Acceptance 1830 GY 64-26
223Secretary of StateSee Officers, Constitutional 1830 GY 63-16
224Secretary of StateResolve respecting the Records in the office of the1831
225Secretary of StateSee Greene, Roscoe G. 1831 GY 69-6

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