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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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1Senate VacancyIn Kennebec County, two Candidates chosen to be voted upon1820
2Senate VacancyOrder for a joint convention of both Houses to fill the vacancy in the Lincoln District1823
3Senate VacancyOrder to notify the Legislature of a, from Washington County1827
4Senate VacancyOrder that the proceedings of the Convention for supplying deficiencies in the Senate be entered on the Journal of the Senate1830
5Senate VacancyOrder and Communication relative to deficiency in the York District due to the death of Benjamin Pike, and candidates for1832
6Senate VacancyOrder proposing a convention to fill a, eighth district1834
7Senate VacancyOrder informing the House of a, and proposing a Joint Convention to fill same1834
8Senate VacancySee Chandler, Anson G. 1834 GY 83-33
9Senate VacancySee Farnsworth, Drummond 1834 GY 84-41
10Senate VacancySee Farnsworth, Drummond 1834 GY 84-40
11Senate VacancySee Senate Vote Return 1834 GY 84-42
12Senate VacancyReport of the Committee appointed to receive votes for Senator to fill vacancy for the 8th Senatorial District1841
13Senate VacancyReport of the Committee on Senatorial Votes relative to filling a vacancy in the Senate causes by the death of William Delesdernier1842
14Senate VacancyResignation of Levi J. Ham as Senator and Report regarding said vacancy in the First Senate District, York1846
15Senate VacancyReport on the Committees to receive and count votes for Senators and Senate vacancies1848
16Senate VacancyReport on the vacancy in the 11th Senatorial District SS1853
17Senate VacancyReport on the return of votes to fill a vacancy in certain Senatorial Districts1853
18Senate VacancyCommunication of the Special Committee on Return of Votes to fill a vacancy in the 1st Senatorial District1863

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