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1Soldiers' BountiesReport on a bill for a bounty on volunteers not included in the 1861 Act1862
2Soldiers' BountiesReport on the petition of T.C. Hersey and others for a bounty to be granted to the soldiers of the last regiments raised1862
3Soldiers' BountiesReport on a bill regarding the state assuming the bounty paid by Towns to Volunteers the past summer1863
4Soldiers' BountiesReport on a bill that bounties to Volunteers may be legalized1863
5Soldiers' BountiesResolve for the payment of bounties to volunteers1863
6Soldiers' BountiesAn Act to make valid the doings of the Town of Farmingdale1863
7Soldiers' BountiesReport on the petition of Joseph W. Sawyer and others that the State may assume the payment of the Town Bounties to Volunteers1863
8Soldiers' BountiesAn Act to pay bounty to soldiers who may be drafted into the service of the United States under the late conscript act of congress1863
9Soldiers' BountiesAn Act providing bounties for soldiers1864
10Soldiers' BountiesResolve relating to the State assuming liabilities of cities, towns and plantations in paying bounties1864
11Soldiers' BountiesAn Act to amend "An Act to provide bounties for soldiers," approved Feb. 20, 18641864
12Soldiers' BountiesAn Act amending "An Act providing bounties for soldiers"1864
13Soldiers' BountiesA bill relating to bounties to draft men and volunteers into the U.S. Navy1864
14Soldiers' BountiesAn Act to pay bounties to volunteers, drafted men and their substitutes who shall be audited in the quotas of Maine1864
15Soldiers' BountiesResolves for payment of State Bounties1865
16Soldiers' BountiesAn Act relating to Bounties1865
17Soldiers' BountiesReport on a bill for State Bounty1865
18Soldiers' BountiesAn Act to fix the sum to be paid hereafter by the State to persons enlisted or drafted into the service of the Unites States1865
19Soldiers' BountiesLegislative Orders1865

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