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101Somerset County CommissionersSee Hartland 1835 RS 47-6
102Somerset County CommissionersAn Act to alter the time of holding the meetings of the County Commissioners Somerset County1845
103Somerset County CommissionersAn Act authorizing the County Commissioners of the County of Somerset to reassess certain taxes1861
104Somerset County Commissioners CourtSee County Commissioners Court 1832 GY 74-16
105Somerset County Commissioners CourtAn Act establishing an additional term of the Court of County Commissioners for Somerset County1852
106Somerset County Commissioners CourtAn Act to change one of the terms of the Court of County Commissioners in Somerset County1853
107Somerset County Court ClerkOrder that the Clerk of Courts in Sagadahoc, Kennebec, Somerset and Lincoln Counties furnish the Legislature the amount of money paid Fish Wardens1863
108Somerset County Court of Common PleasSee Common Pleas Court, Somerset County 1831 PL 70-21
109Somerset County District CourtAn Act additional to an Act changing the times of holding the District Court in the County of Somerset1846
110Somerset County Fish WardensReport on a bill to repeal Chapters 109 and 184 of the Public Laws of 1859 regarding Fish Wardens in the Counties of Kennebec, Sagadahoc & Somerset…1862
111Somerset County Legislative MembersSee New County 1834 GY 88-25
112Somerset County Petition SignersAn Act for the election of certain County Officers1842
113Somerset County Petition SignersReport on the Petition of Joseph Veasey and others that an Act may be passed giving the right of appeal to a jury from the decision of County Commissioners in the location and establishment of roads1845
114Somerset County Petition SignersReport on the Petition of A.M. Roberts and others for the right of appeal from the decisions of County Commissioners1846
115Somerset County Petition SignersAn Act to incorporate the Somerset and Kennebec Railroad Company and remonstrance of James M. Hilton and others1848
116Somerset County Petition SignersReport on the Petition of the Ladies Temperance Band in Liberty for an amendment of the Act for the suppression of drinking houses and tippling shops1854
117Somerset County Petition SignersReport on a bill to increase the fees of sheriffs and their deputies1865
118Somerset County Petition SignersAn Act to change the place of holding the Supreme Judicial Court in Somerset County and to change the Shiretown1865
119Somerset County Petition SignersReport on a bill for aid from the State to construct a bridge across Dead River near Flagstaff Plantation1865
120Somerset County Probate CourtReport on the Order relative to altering the time of holding Probate Court in Somerset County1841
121Somerset County Register of ProbateSee Probate Register, Somerset County 1834 PL 104-75
122Somerset County RoadResolve opening a road north of the Million Acres1824
123Somerset County RoadSee Bodfish, Samuel G. and others 1834 GY 88-6
124Somerset County RoadSee Baker, Charles and others 1834 GY 88-4
125Somerset County RoadSee Goodrich, Levi and others 1834 GY 88-7

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