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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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251Treasurer's BondOrder to decide what bond shall be given by the State Treasurer1820
252Treasurer's BondOrder to receive Bond from State Treasurer1822
253Treasurer's BondReport on the, and communication of Elias Thomas, State Treasurer1829
254Treasurer's BondLetter of acceptance of Samuel Cony as State Treasurer and report on the Treasurer's Bond1854
255Unincorporated Townships, EducationReport on the Order relative to authorizing the State Treasurer to pay money to unincorporated places for educational purposes1847
256United States StockResolve authorizing the State Treasurer to sell and dispose of United States Stock1848
257Valuation Committee, StateResolve regarding amount of compensation to be paid by State Treasurer1821
258Washington CountyReport on the Petition of George H. Devereux that the State Treasurer might be authorized to receive the tax with ordinary interest on Township 29 in Middle Division in the County of Washington1845
259Washington County BankResolve directing the State Treasurer to balance accounts with the Washington County and Saint Croix Banks1855
260Weights and MeasuresResolve authorizing the State Treasurer to suspend the purchase of a standard of1822
261Weights and MeasuresResolve authorizing the State Treasurer to purchase a standard of1831
262White, JamesReport of the Committee to receive and count votes for State Treasurer1845
263White, JamesAnnual Report of the State Treasurer1846
264White, James, State TreasurerReport of Joint Select Committee on Treasurer's accounts and bond of Treasurer elect, James White1842
265White, James, State TreasurerReport of the Committee on return of votes for State Treasurer1843
266White, James, State TreasurerReport of the Joint Select Committee on the Treasurer's Bond1843
267Williams, Daniel, State TreasurerReport on the Order relative to settling and adjusting the unsettled accounts of Daniel Williams, late Treasurer of the State1842

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