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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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1Resolve making an appropriation for the purchase of instruments and the prosecution of surveys under1836
2Land AgentOrder requesting information from the, relative to surveys between the Penobscot and Saint John Rivers1831
3Land SurveysReport relative to an Act regulating1834
4SurveysResolve in favor of a scientific survey of the State1861
5SurveysResolve making an appropriation for a continuation of the Scientific Survey of the State1862
6SurveysResolve to amend Chapter 1 of the Resolves of 1861 entitled "Resolve to encourage the completion of the detailed survey of the state ..."1862
7SurveysPetitions on a Resolve passed regarding an appropriation to continue the Scientific Survey1862
8SurveysResolve in favor of George S. Rannay for expenses and loss of time due to injuries received while in service of the state as an axman on a survey1862
9SurveysReport on a petition of Manly and J.T. Hardy for claims for services rendered the State and money advanced for the use of the State1863
10SurveysReport on a Resolve making an appropriation for a continuance of the Scientific Survey of the State1863
11SurveysA bill for an appropriatoin of money for continuance of the Scientific Survey of the State1864
12SurveysResolve in favor of Ezekiel Holmes and C.H. Hitchcock1865
13SurveysAn additional Act to regulate the survey of lumber in the County of Penobscot1865

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