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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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1Thomas, EliasOrder to notify him of his election as Treasurer of State1824
2Thomas, EliasSee Treasurer's Acceptance 1824 GY 29-3
3Thomas, EliasResolve in favor of1824
4Thomas, EliasSee Treasurer's Election 1825 GY 30-31
5Thomas, EliasOrder to notify the Governor of the election, acceptance and bond of the Treasurer of the State1826
6Thomas, EliasLetter of acceptance to office of State Treasurer and Report by the Committee of the Treasurer's Bond1826
7Thomas, EliasOrder for Secretary of State to notify the Governor and Council of election of State Treasurer1827
8Thomas, EliasReport on the petition for an increase of salary for the years 1824, 1825 and 1826 as State Treasurer1827
9Thomas, EliasLetter of acceptance as State Treasurer together with Report on the Treasurer's Bond1827
10Thomas, EliasSee State Treasurer 1828 GY 52-7
11Thomas, EliasSee State Treasurer 1829 GY 59-30
12Thomas, EliasSee State Treasurer-Elect 1829 GY 59-31
13Thomas, EliasSee State Treasurer 1829 GY 59-16
14Thomas, EliasSee Treasurer's Bond 1829 GY 58-30
15Thomas, EliasSee Executive Councilors 1829 GY 55-1 (State Treasurer)
16Thomas, EliasReport on the petition for an allowance for clerk hire for the Treasurer of the State1830
17Thomas, EliasCommunication from Treasurer of State1830
18Thomas, EliasCommunication from State Treasurer in relation to 1827 tax on Westbrook, to the Assessors1831
19Thomas, EliasReport on a Resolve in favor of1831
20Thomas, EliasResolve in favor of1831
21Thomas, EliasSee State Treasurer 1831 GY 68-34
22Thomas, EliasSee State Treasurer 1831 GY 70-13
23Thomas, Elias and othersAn Act additional in relation to the process of forcible entry and detainer1850

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