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76WebsterReport on the Petition of John Lombard and others for the alteration of the town lines of Greene, Wales and Webster and remonstrance of the Selectmen of Greene and others1848
77WebsterAn Act to make valid certain records of the Town of Webster1851
78WebsterAn Act to set off a part of Greene, in the County of Kennebec and annex it to Lewiston, in the County of Lincoln and to set off a part of the Town of Webster and annex it to Lewiston (No Petition)1852
79WebsterAn Act to make valid the doings of James Mann, Constable and Collector of the Town of Webster, for 1858 and 18591862
80WebsterAn Act to set off a portion of land belonging to David Larrabee from Lisbon to Webster1863
81Webster Association of Fryeburg AcademyAn Act to incorporate the Webster Association of Fryeburg Academy1854
82Webster LakeAn Act to amend an Act entitled an Act to incorporate the East Branch Dam Company1852
83Webster Petition SignersResolves for dividing the State into districts for the choice of Senators and for apportioning the Representatives among the several Counties, Cities, Towns, Plantations and Classes at the third apportionment and the remonstrance of Lorenzo S. Bumpus and1841
84Webster Petition SignersAn Act to establish the Atlantic and Saint Lawrence Railroad Company1845
85Webster Petition SignersAn Act to prevent the destruction of pickerel in Sabattis Pond1850
86Webster Petition SignersAn Act to establish the County of Androscoggin and remonstrance of the Inhabitants of Wales1854
87Webster Petition SignersResolve making a conditional grant to the President and Trustees of Bates College1864
88Webster PondAn Act to incorporate the Lake Telos and Webster Pond Dam and Sluiceway and the remonstrance of Eli Hoskins and others1846
89Webster PondAn Act to incorporate the Telos Canal Company1846
90Webster's DictionaryOrder that copies of the Revised Statutes, Worcester's Dictionary and Webster's Dictionary be made available for use of the Senate1862
91Webster's Unabridged DictionaryLegislative Orders - 18631863
92Webster, DanielMessage of the Governor to Special Session of the Legislature, May 1842 relative to Communication from Daniel Webster on the Northeastern Boundary (SS)1842
93Webster, Eben and othersAn Act to extend the Charter of the Stillwater Bridge1865
94Webster, EbenezerSee Page, Philip and others 1826 GY 37-28
95Webster, EbenezerResolves in favor of John H. Pillsbury and Ebenezer Webster1843
96Webster, EbenezerResolve in favor of Jacob McGaw1848
97Webster, Edward and othersReport on the Petition of Edward Webster and others that certain powers should be granted to the Assessors of Plantation One in the Third, Range East of the Kennebec River1842
98Webster, Edward and othersReport on the Petition of Edward Webster and others that County Treasurers be authorized to sell a part or all the lots of land in unincorporated townships reserved for public uses and appropriate the proceeds to the schools in said townships1845
99Webster, EldoraAn Act allowing Josiah Ladd of Livermore to change the name of his adopeted daughter from Eldora Webster to Eldora Ladd1861
100Webster, George and othersReport on the petition if it is expedient for the Legislature to prosecute the Passamaquoddy Bank on behalf of the claims of the petitioners1827

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