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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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1White, JamesCommunication from Treasurer-elect signifying James White's acceptance and Report of the Committee on the Treasurer's Bond1844
2White, JamesResolve in favor of James White (Original Papers Missing)1845
3White, JamesReport of the Committee to receive and count votes for State Treasurer1845
4White, JamesAnnual Report of the State Treasurer1846
5White, JamesLetter of acceptance of James White as Treasurer of State and Report of the Committee on the Treasurer's Bond1846
6White, James P.An Act in addition to the 106th Chapter of the Revised Statutes in relation to the publication of notices ordered by any Judge of Probate1850
7White, James P. and othersReport on the Petition of James P. White and others to be incorporated as the Maine Magnetic Telegraph Company1848
8White, James P. and othersAn Act to incorporate the Belfast Paper Manufacturing Company1853
9White, James Washington from James CatonAn Act to change the names of certain persons1847
10White, James, State TreasurerReport of Joint Select Committee on Treasurer's accounts and bond of Treasurer elect, James White1842
11White, James, State TreasurerReport of the Committee on return of votes for State Treasurer1843
12White, James, State TreasurerReport of the Joint Select Committee on the Treasurer's Bond1843
13White, James, Treasurer of StateResolve in favor of James White, Treasurer of State1845

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