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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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1Thayer, Abijah W.Resolve in favor of1825
2Thayer, JonathanSee Executive Councilors 1826 GY 44-13
3Thayer, JonathanSee Letters of Acceptance 1826 GY 43-9
4Thayer, JonathanSee Letters of Acceptance 1827 GY 46-28
5Thayer, JonathanSee Letters of Acceptance 1828 GY 51-7
6Thayer, JonathanSee Executive Councilors 1828 GY 51-22
7Thayer, JonathanSee State Prison 1829 GY 59-28
8Thayer, Joseph and othersA bill regulating the measurement and sale of milk1864
9Thayer, MordecaiSee Bucksport 1826 GY 38-24
10Thayer, Soloman and othersAn Act to authorize the Proprietors of the First Congregational Meeting House in Lubec, to sell the same1847
11Thayer, SolomonSee Herring Nets 1821 GY 5-13
12Thayer, SolomonPetition of, requesting Thomas Ruggles be authorized to convey to him by deed, certain real estate1822
13Thayer, Solomon and othersSee Lubec Mining Company 1832 PS 86-70
14Thayer, Stephen and othersReport on the Petition for a reduction of the compensation of the Somerset County Clerks of Court1833

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